Canopy knows how to elevate your web communications. We articulate your brand’s mission with a strong visual presentation and a compelling story. We have the thoroughness to create an aesthetic continuity around your message that guides prospects from logo, to brand image to story. We convert anonymous traffic to targeted profiled prospects.

“Thoroughness” is the word that clients use again and again to describe our work. We guarantee that our work is done perfectly and can withstand the toughest scrutiny of our peers. It’s this level of professionalism that sets us apart.

Passion and problem solving are at the core of what makes Canopy tick. Your project becomes our project. We innovate technologies, actually create new methods, to communicate your unique message on the web. Our work with Coca-Cola, James Cameron’s “Avatar” and Blue Man Group are just a few examples of this approach.

We are a team of seven web professionals with decades of experience. Our overlapping roles include web developer, graphic designer, SEO strategist, UX Designer and Analyst, and copywriter.