Canopy believes that a strong strategy for Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing is critical to accelerating web traffic. We work SEO and SEM in tandem to move your brand to the top of targeted searches. Visibility is key. But just how do they work? Let’s drill down:

Search Engine Marketing

Canopy applies Google's best practices to Search Engine Marketing. SEM integrates all of the marketing tools provided by Google to promote your business online. This includes paid placement in Google Ads, optimized performance in Google Search and a fully realized presence in Google My Business.

Pay-per-click (PPC) is the foundation on which our SEM campaigns are built because it offers you not only near-immediate access to front page search results on Google but also provides us a wealth of information about how people think about your business. The insight that we develop from PPC text ads can be used to build more effective display ad campaigns. Display ads are similar to social media ad campaigns in that in both we create brand associations with qualified content.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Canopy’s practice of making your business more organically effective online. We use the results of PPC campaigns to better understand how people search for what your business is selling. The optimization starts in those campaigns, then we apply the results to improve your organic Google Results.

Canopy believes that creating a robust presence for your brand across the web begins with an underlying clear articulation of exactly who you are. Words matter, it’s that simple and that difficult. Canopy knows how to pinpoint your brand.