Domain Management

Domain Selection, Acquisition, Registration, and Management

“What’s in a name?” Juliet asks in Shakespeare’s classic play. Everything when it comes to domain names. Canopy believes that domain name selection is the critical first step of SEO best practices. We work with our clients to identify the ideal domain name for their business and each of their projects.

Canopy acts as the trusted custodian of your domain name. We ensure that your brand name is protected via your domain, an important risk management step. We create and register social profiles on your behalf so that there is continuity across the web from domain name to social channel username. Canopy not only oversees the registry and renewals of your domain but also manages the domain name servers and DNS entries.

Canopy is experienced in negotiating and facilitating the acquisition of previously registered domains and “lost” or expired domains. Canopy is the ideal vendor to “park”, list and monetize your domains. As a knowledgeable third party broker, Canopy can provide a clear view into the positions of interested parties.

In addition to managing your domain name, Canopy creates the optimal “branded link” or “short domain” that will instantly recall your brand in the mind of a user. Your branded link reports to Canopy’s Leedback tool generating valuable tracking data.