Post: Introducing Canopy


Introducing Canopy

Posted on 2020-05-05

Welcome to Canopy LLC. We are a long established company newly formed as a streamlined web agency. Our purpose is to create a platform that articulates your brand’s mission with a strong visual presentation and a compelling story.

We get there through “thoroughness”, the word that clients use again and again to describe our work. We innovate technologies, actually create new methods, to communicate your unique message on the web. It’s this level of expertise that sets us apart.

Canopy, as the name suggests, is all about coverage and our team’s talents provide total coverage. We are a team of seven web professionals with decades of experience. Our overlapping roles include web developer, graphic designer, SEO strategist, UX Designer and Analyst, and copywriter.

We work globally from our base in Chicago. We have a large European client base and we strategically advise our Chicago clients on how to maximize their global reach.

Canopy is Zac Davis’s latest incarnation of his mission to “make a positive impact in people’s lives through technology.” As a web pioneer and serial inventor, he has consistently anticipated the next digital revolution and believes that the next era of innovation will be in the hands of the user.

Hintellect, our customized web tool, is at the core of Canopy’s mission. It empowers our clients to do more for themselves. Hintellect is intellect with a hint, because you don’t have to be an expert to get it. It’s a bundle of four apps that enable the user to create pages and social media campaigns as well as coordinate team communications and events.

We look forward to showing you what we can do to elevate your message on the web. Let’s talk soon.